Amazing iPhone Gadgets - HMB TEC Real Pocket Fan for iPhone

amazing iphone gadgets hmb tec real pocket fan plug

HMB-TEC Real Pocket Fan for iPhone

from HMB-TECPut an iPocketFan In Your Pocket. The “Summer Hit of 2011″. Hot days happen. Be cool with the iPocketFan, a pleasant, fresh breeze from the iPhone. Use our little mini-fan for office, club, holiday, car, beach, events, whenever it’s hot. Simply plug into the headphone jack, run the iPocketFan App from the App Store, and enjoy feeling fresh.
amazing iphone gadgets hmb tec real pocket fan blade
Technical Specifications of the HMB-TEC ® Real Pocket Fan Plug:
• No battery required
• Max. 10mA current consumption
• Power from headphone jack
• 100Hz AC
• Ipocket Fan App in the App Store
amazing iphone gadgets hmb tec real pocket fan hmb-tec

HMB-TEC of Germany has created an eclectic and eccentric collection of hardware gadgets that plug into the 3.5mm headphone jack of an iPhone, and couple with their apps.

Among the devices they make are a heart monitor, microphone, thermometer, stethoscope, pocket fan, oscilloscope, laser pointer, flashlight, breath controller, all sorts of remote control devices, and much more. German ingenuity and engineering leads the way again. The accessories cost from between $20 to $90 US, excluding shipping. The accompanying apps cost between $1 to $5.