Evernote for Android - Share your notes anytime, anywhere

Taking notes is a very used feature on any phone, not just smartphones. People write down anything they need to remember into phone memos, on paper even on the palm of their hands :)

Evernote comes in handy by organizing the note taking part on your Android smartphone. First you need to create an Evernote account. They also have a paid Premium service which allows you to upload 1GB monthly to their service. For most users, the free account will do.What is the deal with Evernote? Well, Evernote is not just an app for Android, they have an app for whatever OS you can think of, even Symbian and Palm. There is an iOS app, there is a Windows app, Mac OS app, and even a Web app to access you notes an files whenever you want to. Evernote is organized in notebooks. Each notebook contains notes, and each note can contain text, images, PDF documents and many more. The Android app integrates with the sharing feature of Android so you can share anything from your device with the Evernote app as a note. Another cool thing is the browser plugin which allows you to send web clips to your Evernote account. Head over to the Market and give Evernote a try, it's free and worth your while. Here is a video with the features added in the last version of Evernote for Android.