iPhone 5 is lounching soon

iPhone 5 is back in scene again! 
Apple has confirmed that they will be making their iPhone 5 announcement in Cupertino, California at the place where it is most comfortable with – their very own headquarters. No idea on why the venue has changed, but better a change in venue than release date, right?
As we reported earlier, Apple also did block out vacation dates for their employees in two blocks – from October 9 to 12 and from October 14 to 15, which is another pointer towards the iPhone 5′s imminent release during those dates. After having heard all about the release of iPhone 4S only as the successor of iPhone, iPhone 5 is back in the news with some more news about launching soon.
Apple is reportedly announcing the release of iPhone 5 on the media event on October 4th. The news about the launch of iPhone 5 has come officially from Apple and the device is expected to hit the stores by 14th -15th October.