Nokia E6 unboxing

When I received an email from Paul back at WOMWorld/Nokia I could hardly wait to get my hands on the Nokia E6. A few days later when it arrived, I was thrilled. I have repeatedly admitted that I am a full QWERTY candybar fan, with the Nokia E5 being my favorite till now.

Why I like the E6 better? First of all, because it has a touchscreen. Second, because it has twice the resolution of the E5, and third and most important, because of the camera. HD video and 8MP snapper is hard if not impossible to find on this form factor, but the E6 has got it.

Using the E6 this past few days I remembered how to use the unlock knob(I love unlocking my phone with such ease), how to search my contacts from my homescreen by simply starting to type a name, how to use hardware call keys, aaahhhh, what memories.

The phone is very snappy, and I would have expected it to be less snappier than it's big screen brothers, because this little guy has a higher resolution.

The display is crisp and clear, and the sunlight legibility is just amazing. I wasn't expecting to find so many apps for the E6, because of the resolution, but my doubts quickly disappeared when I started Ovi Store. Most apps are there, already adapted for the E6. Not all of them, but the vast majority is there.

So, here's my unboxing and a brief user interface tour video: