Nokia Update service broken. PR2.0 coming up?

As I write this post the Nokia update service is offline. Usually this means there is something in the pipeline. Nokia could be preparing the update service for the PR2.0 update we've all seen leaked, and drool over.
The lucky users of Nokia Astound have already tasted the PR2.0 update, but that's just for the North American market.
As it looks, Europe and the rest of the world is also going to enjoy the PR2.0 goodies soon.
The "Unplanned service break" you see in the above image, may not be "unplanned" at all.
Hopefully the update will roll out for all Symbian^3 touch devices. The update may include the new icon theme everyone was waiting for. The updated homescreen however is not confirmed by the Nokia Astound firmware, but it is said to come over the air until this fall.

Just got word from @ jonjongoco that Nokia E6 with PR2.0 will get 5 homescreens, and the new Nokia Pure font.

However, I don't know if all Symbian^3 devices will get those 5 homescreens. It makes sense for the E6 to have 5 homescreens because of the small screen and small number of wigdets available on each scree, but it's very possible since early leaks of the X7 showed 4 homescreens instead of the traditional 3.