Nokia X7 unboxing

Well, the Nokia X7 arrived yesterday, courtesy of WOMWorld/Nokia. My wife received the package, since I was at work, and I asked her to charge the phone.

So she opened up the box and when she saw the phone, one thing came to her mind, and I'm quoting her on this one: "This is the only touchscreen phone I would like to own". My wife deeply hates touchscreens, but this one has a different story. She got to play around with the C7, the E7 and the N8 I've reviewed, but the X7 is the only one she wants. And I can understand why. The phone feels great in hand, it's like it's been designed to fill the palm of your hand. It looks great, it feels great, and with Symbian Anna it also behaves good(Anna still has some catching up to do). Anyway, so guess what my wife is getting for Christmas? That's right, an Nokia X7.

I was planning to shot the unboxing video yesterday evening, but I could not take it out of her hands. I tried believe me. I shot the video this morning while she was asleep :)

Here goes the unboxing video:

And an UI video tour too: