Why Apple should keep they mouths shut and get a life!

Well, somehow, Apple managed to get an injunction for the upcoming Samsung Tab in Europe(except Netherlands). A German court, ordered Samsung to delay the launch of the next Tab in European Union, at Apple's request. The reason was not patent infringement, but design rights. Apple claimed the the Samsung Tab copies the iPad design.

Why is this outrageous? Because Apple claims that it has design rights over something they did not design, but copied.

WOW! You may exclaim, who and when designed a tablet that has the same design as the iPad?

Well, a company called Knight-Ridder(no joke here), came up with the Tablet Newspaper back in 1994, saying that it will be the newspaper of the future, providing dynamic content to users.

While Apple's vision of the table was as in the picture below, the Knight-Ridder company, came up with a design that has striking resemblances with the current iPads.

So, here is how the Tablet Newspaper looked like:

So either Apple designed the iPad 15 years ago, or they blatantly copied the Tablet Newspaper design, and now claim they own it. I tend to believe the latter.

Either way, Apple is in for a big loss in this Samsung trial, and I for one hope they will get buried once again, because all of these insane and countless lawsuits. This time, we're not talking about licensing patents and stuff like that, we're talking about Samsung losing tons of cash because of Apple's insane claims.

Here is the Tablet Newspaper demoed (jump to min 4:36 to see the Table Newspaper):