Zeam Launcher for Android - Lightweight, fast, stable, must have

Well, if you're tired of the dull default Android home screen, you have a wide choice of replacement launchers on Android Market. Zeam, by Michael Bentz, is one of them. What makes Zeam special? Well, it's speed and low memory footprint.

The speed of this thing is incredible, and after all launchers I have tried, this one managed to keep 5 homescreens filled with widgets and shortcuts in under 20MB or RAM. For people with low memory phones (256MB or even less) this launcher is a must have. Scrolling is smooth as butter, it is very easy to configure, and it gets updated periodically. The last update, however, dropped the scrollable widgets support, not that I ever used it, but it seems some users are missing that feature.

It also features a scrollable dock, and Sense-like homescreens preview.