eBuddy for Android - must have messenger

Today we review the seasoned eBuddy messenger solution for Android. If you're tired of using Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger and Facebook and AIM(and so on) dedicated clients separately on your Android device, eBuddy brings them all into one convenient place. One login, all accounts available.

Why an all in one messenger? Well, first of all, RAM consumption. Having 3 or 4 messengers opened at once can quickly eat up the memory of your phone. Second, installation space: why waste precious phone storage to install 3 or 4 messengers when you can do the same thing with only one. You may ask why eBuddy? Well, besides being a well done and easy to use app for Android, eBuddy is available for all major platforms, iPhone, Android, Symbian and most phones who support Java. You can quickly download eBuddy for any new phone you may purchase, and with one login you're set.

The interface is easy to use and very clean. It has very good support for emoticons while all the ongoing chats are grouped under a separate tab in the interface.

Head over the market and give eBuddy a try. You will need an eBuddy account that you can obtain straight from the application itself.