Nokia N9 - a smart move by Nokia

Well, June 21st is coming up next week, and everybody is eagerly waiting for Nokia to announce the N9/N950.

The phone is supposed to run MeeGo and have a 12MP camera just like the N8. The slider keyboard is for those heavy messaging people and the 4 inch screen, expected to be ClearBlack, should be more than enough for anyone.

I think this is a great move by Nokia, one that will assure everyone that Nokia has not abandoned MeeGo. Furthermore, this new device, running a Linux based OS opens up the possibility to have Android on a Nokia device. It happened before with the N900, but this time we're not talking resistive 3.5 inch screen, but a real 4 inch contender.

Even though Nokia did not adopt Android as a smartphone platform, they can't ignore it's potential. I believe Nokia will release this device for two purposes: first, to test the waters withe MeeGo and see how it pins itself against the smartphone big boys, and second, to see how well Android can run on it. There will be people who will start porting Android to the N9, and hence spare Nokia the efforts of doing it themselves(if they haven't already).

Call me a dreamer, but I will love to see Nokia releasing Android phones in the future, even if they have already stated out loud that they will concentrate in Windows Phone. I'm sure that if the N9 and it's MeeGo brothers will succeed on Android, we may see a shift in Nokia's vision of the smartphone future.

What can I say, I can't wait to get my hands on one.