Super Task Killer 2011 for Android - Take control of your apps

Many of you may ask yourselves how many memory do I have free on my phone? Or how many applications are running? How can I stop an application, it doesn't have a Quit or Exit option?

Well most of the times, the Android OS takes care of the RAM management and closing applications. But every now and then, it's good to know if some application that I rarely use, is always running. Some manufacturers include task managers into their ROMs, but most of them don't.

So here is where Super Task Killer 2011 comes in handy.

Super Task Killer allows you to kill a batch of applications, see how much memory they consume, and how much memory there is free on your device. It can also add a notification bar item, for faster access.

You're gonna ask me now, why would I want to know how much RAM my apps are using? Well, for a device with less RAM these, an application that is used often such as the homescreen has to be light on memory. So you need this kind of software when you're testing out various apps from the Market to compare their memory consumption. Same goes when you have to choose a Twitter client, or whatever other side by side comparison you can think of.